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A Message from the Executive Officer

We understand the challenging times we are all dealing with and appreciate the need for prioritizing. That’s exactly what we’re doing, making it a priority to survive this crisis and hope we can count on our members to continue supporting your organization.
The Home Builders Association of NEPA still strives to continue its mission with the backing of the National Association of Home Builders and the Pennsylvania Builders Association but we need our members at the local level to also back us up.
By renewing your membership, your business will continue to play an active role in enhancing and building our communities. Since this crisis began, HBA has been there for our members to inform, guide and help through these unprecedented times.
We value your membership and together we can travel through this dark passage of history to a brighter tomorrow.

Stay safe – Stay Strong! Karen E. Martin
Executive Officer

If you are a homeowner in need of reputable contractors or assistance, we are only one phone call away! Tel: (570) 287-3331.

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Industry News

Dear PBA Members,
As we all know too well, what we are going through right now is unprecedented, and most likely won’t be seen again in our lifetimes. What we THOUGHT would be a good plan for 2020 is now pretty much useless. We have to rethink our plans and our goals for the year. That being said, if there was ever a perfect time to take advantage of a Business Diagnostic & Plan of Actions (BPA) through your member benefits, it is now.

Through our partnership with SBGP, and due to these unparalleled times, they have agreed to build the specific best practices they have learned and implemented for their clients to survive (and outperform) the industry and current crisis into all of their BPAs.

The BPA gives you a detailed roadmap of the actions you need to take for the rest of 2020, broken down into an easy to follow, time-based plan for you and your company.

Through working with hundreds of construction, plumbing, HVAC, electrical and HBA Associate businesses in over 14 states, they have honed their skills as a private coaching company to help our members not just survive, but thrive, ESPECIALLY in trying times like we are experiencing at the moment.

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