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Being a member of an association shows that your company supports and plays an advocacy role in your industry. Whether as a mortage lender, building supplier, general contractor - any industry which supports home building endorses a very special need within your community

You wouldn't work with a lawyer who's not a member of the Bar or a doctor not associated with the AMA because that professional connection has meaning and also brings value.

Being a memeber of the Home Builders Association of NEPA offers you a membership with meaning. It connects you with others in your industry. If we stay together and work together, we grow together.

Your membership is reinforced at national and state levels to stay on top of industry trends, access to professional resources but vitally important, acts as your voice in both levels of government.

The foundation of an association is built by its membership.

Consider becoming a meaningful brick in the foundation of HBA of NEPA and help strengthen its future.

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Industry News

Construction Employee E-Verify
Act 75: Pennsylvania's Construction Industry Employee Verification Act
Act 75 prohibits the employment of unauthorized employees; requires construction industry employers to verify the Social Security numbers of employees; and imposes penalties. The Act goes into effect on October 7, 2020. All employers in the construction industry in Pennsylvania will be required to use E-Verify, the federal government's program that allows enrolled employers to confirm eligibility of their employees to work in the United States.

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endorsed trade program
To the Endorsed Trade Program Outstanding Students from Susquehanna Country CTC:
Tyler Mesick in the Carpentry Trade and Austin Presely in the Building Property Maintenance Trade
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